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As a reputable law firm in Thailand, with more than 16 years of proven track record of providing highly effective legal solutions to both our local and international clients, we are committed to our client’s success. Our client service standards affirm our commitment to prioritizing the needs of our clients and to ensure excellence in all that we do.


Thai Real Estate

Menu Thailand real estate market has shown that it does not follow the rest of the global market. The latest news is very good with the Thai government lowering transfer fees last year.

Marriage Registration

Getting married in Thailand can be a drawn our affair if you do not know the rules or where to go with regards to the marriage registration . Most foreigners simply use an attorney. Getting married can take much of your time as it can be drawn out.

Thai Visa

Obtaining a Thai visa for Thailand can be done online on our main website of Law Firm in Thailand. Allow us to prepare all the documents for you and courier these to you for submission. Depending on what you wish to do in Thailand there is a different visa for each.

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