Marriage in Thailand

There are several well-liked components that couples frequently incorporate when preparing a wedding in Thailand. The following are some typical elements or topics that are common in Thai weddings:

1. Traditional Thai Ceremony: Many couples decide to include customs and rituals from Thai culture in their wedding ceremony. The “Rod Nam Sang” ritual is one of them. During it, the couple honors their parents by giving them presents and asking for their blessings.

2. Buddhist Blessing: Since Buddhism is the most common religion in Thailand, some couples decide to incorporate a Buddhist blessing into their wedding ceremony. This may entail praying, giving alms to the monks, and receiving their blessings.

3. Couples frequently decide to dress in traditional Thai wedding clothing. This could be a “Thai wedding dress” for the bride called a “Thai Ruean Ton,” and for the husband it might be a “Chut Thai” costume.

4. Thai weddings place a lot of emphasis on flowers, with colorful blossoms embellishing the location and the ceremony space. Orchids, lotus flowers, and jasmine are frequently used as bridal flowers in Thailand.

5. Long Drum Parade: The drummers lead the parade, which creates a dynamic and celebratory mood and is a typical aspect of Thai weddings known as “Klong Yao.”

6. Water Pouring Ceremony: As a gesture of respect and thanks, during the “Rod Nam Dum Hua” ceremony, the couple pours fragrant water over the hands of their parents and other elders.

7. Traditional Thai Food: The flavors and variety of Thai cuisine are well known. Many couples decide to serve popular Thai foods like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Green Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice on their wedding menu.

8. Music and entertainment: To amuse visitors and give them a taste of Thai culture, the wedding reception can feature Thai traditional music, such as the “Piphat” ensemble, or traditional Thai dance performances.

9. Lantern Release: Some couples decide on a lantern release ceremony to mark the conclusion of their wedding festivities. During the ceremony, participants release lit lanterns into the night sky as a sign of good fortune and blessings for the future.

These are just a handful of the widely used components that couples frequently include in their Thai weddings. Depending on the preferences of the couple and their family, every wedding can be distinctive and personalized.

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