Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration Thailand

Getting married in Thailand can be a drawn our affair if you do not know the rules or where to go with regards to the marriage registration . Most foreigners simply use an attorney. Getting married can take much of your time as it can be drawn out.

Firstly you need to obtain the following documents before you start the process:

  • You need to write a Letter of Affirmation
  • The affirmation letter must then be translated into Thai.
  • You need to obtain a Certificate of Residency
  • The pair of you then visit your fiancee’s Amphur Office
  • Copy of your divorce or death certificate of your wife and that of your new spouse

The letter of affirmation has to be translated and taken to the Department of Foreign Affairs for certification before you go to the Amphur. You will also need the following:

  • Your passport, plus 2 copies including copies of entry visa.
  • ¬†Letter of Affirmation – both originals and 1 copy each of native and Thai versions.
  • Residency Certificate – original and 1 copy.
  • Your fiancee’s house log, plus 2 copies thereof.
  • Your fiancee’s ID card, plus 1 copy.
  • Two witnesses.

If can take the better part of 2-3 days if you have never done it before and there is lots of running around from one department to the next. Why do that – save yourself the trouble and leave the documentation with us at Law Firm in Thailand and we will do all the leg work and provide you with your marriage certificate once done. Speak to us today about marriage registration in Thailand . You might also consider a prenup as we always advise our clients to have one done.


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