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Thai Property Lawyer

Lawyers in Bangkok are dime a dozen however there are very few law firms in Bangkok with an excellent reputation and as large or trustworthy as Law Firm in Thailand. British citizens have over the past 10 years spent more than 3 billion baht on property in Phuket alone.

Bangkok and Pattaya follow Phuket with property values. With more condominiums coming online in the later part of this year once again there will be an upsurge in property transactions in Thailand.

Thailand unlike your home country does not have all the checks and balances of a normal system:

1. Foreigners are not allowed to practice law in Thailand hence they do not fall under the Thai Bar Council;

2. There is no fidelity fund insurance in Thailand. If your lawyer in Bangkok runs off with your money – that’s it;

3.  With no insurance there is hence no fallback if you are given incorrect legal advice;

4. Trust accounts do not exist hence it is not covered by the Bar Council either;

When looking for a lawyer in Bangkok, always ask expats first. Find out who is qualified first and foremost as there are many people who claim to be retired attorneys however they have no legal skills or training what so ever. Should you need an attorney or cost effective legal advice – speak to us at Law Firm in Thailand online, in person or via our toll-free US or UK telephone numbers. With branches in all the main tourist cities in Thailand, no other law firm can provide you with a better service.

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